Thin Skin Hair System with Transparent Skin Base of 0.08 mm

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$359.00 CAD

The most adaptable hair system in our lineup. This hair system gives you the ideal blend of realism and durability. This fantastic thin-skin hair system will give you a flawless natural human hair look.

  • The 0.08mm transparent thin skin base gives a realistic appearance while maintaining durability.
  • There is no hair shedding because each hair strand is tightly attached to the primary base by single split knots.
  • This system is made up of 100% human hair and so it appears to be as natural as your own hair.
  • Our hair systems are the world's most popular resource for professional and celebrity hairstylists, artists, salons, cosmetology schools, and clinics.
Weight 0.085 kg
Base Material

0.08mm thin skin

Base Size


Front Contour


Hair Type

Indian hair / Indian Remy Hair

Hair Length


Hair Curl


Hair Direction


Bleach Knots

No bleach

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