Celebrity Breathable Lace Hair System with Skin Perimeter and Realistic Hairline

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$539.00 CAD

This system is ideal for anyone seeking the realistic appearance of skin hair systems as well as the breathability of lace hair systems. This comfortable men's lace hair piece, has a poly skin base perimeter for improved grip and adhesion, can easily be attached and removed with no damage, making it a sure favourite among our customers.
  • The surface of the lace base has thousands of holes that allows heat and moisture to escape, improving comfort in tropical climates or hot weather conditions.
  • A thin poly skin is wrapped around the bonding to add strength and improve handling and cleaning.
  • French lace with thin clear PU skin around and 1/2"French lace front.
  • Single split knots on front hairline and skin PU, rest double split knots.
  • This system uses good bleached knots techniques in the front hairline area. This helps in achieving an invisible knots effect that gives you the realistic natural hairline you so desire.
Weight 0.07 kg
Base Material

French lace with clear PU all around

Front Contour


Hair Type

Indian hair

Hair Length


Hair Curl


Hair Density


Hair Direction


Bleach Knots

Front 1", except in dark colors #1, #1A or light colors #7, #7ASH, #18, #22

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