Custom Transparent Thin Skin Base Men's Full Cap Hair System

Hair x Beauty

SKU: 222

$572.00 USD $610.00 USD

This transparent men’s thin skin full cap human hair wig is perfect to conceal complete hair loss or total baldness.
  • This is a custom-order hair system. The entire system is fully customizable to meet your specific needs. We can custom base design or hair type. Mention your base thickness, hair type and colour customizations in ordering notes.
  • Base design with super thin 0.03 or 0.08mm ultra thin skin available which is lightweight and the thin base hair system feel just like a second skin.
  • This hair system is available with knotted hair for extra durability. Mention if you want the system to be knotted in ordering notes
  • In terms of hair wave and color, this wig features blond hair with a smaller curl and wave. To achieve this color and the smaller curls, we must use the highest quality hair. Otherwise, the hair will be burned while coloring and curling.
  • Because this is a custom-made order, you can specify all details such as base size, shape, color, density, and so on in the ordering notes.

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