Realistic Men's FRONTAL-7x4 Hairpiece for Larger Receding Hairline

Hair x Beauty

$153.00 USD $168.00 USD

Say goodbye to the embarrassment of receding hairlines with the frontal hairpiece - the perfect solution designed especially for men with larger receding hairlines. Rated as one of the best sellers, this hairpiece boasts an ultra-thin transparent skin base for a light and comfortable wearing experience. Here are some of its key features:

  • 0.06mm ultra-thin transparent skin base
  • 100% human hair stitched to the base in V-loops for discreet and undetectable roots
  • Covers only the front hairline for cheaper and easier installation
  • Merits a natural and authentic look with the skin base melting into the wearer's natural scalp
  • Available in a range of hair colors
  • Gross Weight: 0.0545 kg
  • Base Size: 7"x4"
  • Hair Type: Indian hair
  • Hair Length: 5" Hair Density:
  • Medium-light to medium
  • Hair Curl: 30mm
  • Hair Direction: Freestyle

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